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Global Perspectives - Stroud - Global Issues Research Paper  

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Miss Stroud

Global Perspectives


Research Paper Assignment


The following is a set of requirements, due dates and expectations regarding the language arts research project.


The research paper’s goal is to research a global issue and to write a persuasive essay. In order for students to take a greater interest in research they have been given the opportunity to choose their own topics. The student’s topics must be approved by the teacher, but they have also been told that their parents must approve of the content of their subject. Please check below to see what topic your child has chosen. If you do not approve please have them change it at this time. The project is to follow the guidelines set forth in this packet, class instruction, and their Writer’s Inc handbooks. The students may also use the Purdue Online Writing Lab for assistance with MLA format, citations, tools for persuasion, etc.  

Note: This paper is a mandatory requirement for college prep English. If it is not turned in the student will not pass this semester based on the amount of points it is worth.


Note:  I have provided a copy of the due dates (attached) that you may keep.  Your student has his/her own copy. 



            I, the undersigned student, have read the requirements for the English paper in Global Perspectives. Furthermore, I have shown this packet in its entirety to my parent/guardian to make them aware of this assignment, my subject and its due dates. I also understand that I will lose points at a rate of 10% of the total paper grade for EACH DAY the paper is late (15% if late over a weekend).


Student _______________________________________   Date _______


Subject of the research project ___________________________________________________________




            I, the undersigned parent, have read and understand the requirements, expectations, subject, and due dates contained herein. I am aware of this assignment and will enforce its completion, by my student, as specified. I have also read and understand the rules and consequences of the plagiarism policy attached. Finally, I understand the penalties for this assignment concerning the failure of my student to submit the project as specified by the required due date.


Parent/ guardian  _______________________________________   Date _______


Note this sheet is due on _____12/5/13____________ to earn 10 pts.

Global Perspectives

Research Paper


Topic:  Choose a global issue (current or historic) and take a position on it.  A list of possible topics is attached.  In addition to finding three reasons to support your position, you must also be able to acknowledge counterclaims (the other side) and argue against them.


Please note the following dates in regard to this project


Friday, 12/6                 Library: Noodle bib, topic exploration, source gathering

                                    Focus on approved topic and find 3 reasons to support your position


Monday, 12/9              Library- Gather sources. Please print and save all sources!

Tuesday, 12/10           Library- Build a working bibliography (titles only), continue preliminary research


Wednesday, 12/11      Library- Work on outline, gather sources

Thursday, 12/12          Library- Work on outline, gather sources

Friday, 12/13               Library- Work on outline, gather sources, OUTLINE and 4 SOURCES DUE


Monday, 12/16            C115- Thesis due!

Tuesday, 12/17            First note card check- 8 notecards due

Wednesday, 12/18      Second notecard check-16 notecards due

Thursday, 12/19          Third notecard check -24 notecards due


Friday , 12/20              Grand total of 30 note cards from at least 4 sources due                             

                                    Rough Draft Due, submitted to

                                    Up to 10 extra credit note card can be turned in by today

                                    IN CLASS PEER EDITING!




THURSDAY, 1/9       Final Draft is due –And submitted to


*I am available before and after school for extra help and conferencing. Students have been given a complete week of class time to complete the requirements of the assignment, but it is necessary they spend time outside of class working on the research and writing the pape r. The Brush library is available to students before school, after school, and during study hall periods. Also, the public library has many wonderful sources as well as computers for completing the assignment.


I am always able to be reached via email: with questions or concerns.

Research Paper Specifications -



1.     Formal written proposal of your topic, argument, and possible sources


2.     30 note cards from at least 4 sources (34 pts.)


3.     Complete and thorough outline, typed (25 pts.)


4.     3-4 pages (double spaced, 12 pt. plain type)

§  In-text citations (using at least 4 different sources).  Citations should appear immediately after all quotes, and at the end of each paragraph or the part of a paragraph that uses information from a source.  Papers without in-text citations will not be accepted.

§  A minimum of two direct quotes (these must be cited)

§  A complete, typed Works Cited page in proper format.  Papers without a Works Cited will not be accepted.


Please consult Writers Inc. and your grade sheet for final format requirements


Source Requirements – see the LibGuide for links to great sources!

Usable sources: books, magazines, newspapers, videos,  interview, etc.

·        Only one encyclopedia or general reference text (including online sources) should be used as a primary source. 

·        Wikis and other online sources without reputable publishers may not be used. 

·        Magazine and newspaper websites and online books are acceptable. 

·        Up to 2 sources may be audio/video materials. Try:

o   The public library likely has videos on your topic.


o (History Channel)

o   YouTube has full episodes of shows from National Geographic, ABC News, etc.  Search your topic and then filter to see shows or movies.  Again, the publisher must be credible!

Research Project Grading Rubric


Students Name ____________________________Period _______ 


Final Paper Format

Folder                                                                                                                                     ___ /10

            Front of Folder – includes student’s name, course name, paper title, date                             

                Left pocket – thesis statement, source cards, note cards, rough draft of outline, rough draft of paper

                All final papers neatly bound                                                                                                                   


Rough draft(s) – Peer edited                                                                                              ___ /20


Note cards  - in the order used in paper (or Noodlebib copy of outline with cards)            ___ /10                       

Final paper                                                                                                                       ___/10

            ___Title page (as per Writer Inc.) –centered,

            middle of page - full title, name, name of course

            & period, date                                                                                                                                     

            ___Outline – Full title – thesis – outline is complete                                                    

            ___Paper –Double spaced, title centered on first page,

             headings, pagination         


                                                                                                                               Total ______ /50







In-text citations                                                          Strong             Average           Weak               ___/20

            ___All facts and quotes are cited                                    

            ___correct MLA format (WI 282)                                                              


Works cited page                                                       Strong             Average           Weak               ___/20

            ___COMPLETE list of ONLY works that are cited                                                     

           ___Complete, correctly formatted entries (WI 287-298)                                                           

            ___Formatting of page (WI 286)                                                                


Quality of sources                                                      Strong             Average           Weak               ___/10

                ___student has a variety of sources. 

                ___Sources are all reputable, quality sources

               ___At least five sources have been cited


Papers will not be accepted without in-text citations and a Works Cited page.


                                                                                                         Total ______ /50





Introduction                                                   Strong             Average           Weak               ___/10

Effective attention getter, transitions, and clear thesis                                                



            Development of Thesis                       Strong                         Average           Weak               ___/50

              The author has completely answered the

              questions raised by the thesis.

              The entire paper focuses on the thesis.

              Details from sources support

               the thesis.  The paper has 4-6 pages

               worth of detail, providing evidence of

               sufficient research.


            Focus and organization                       Strong                         Average           Weak               ___/10

                The author has clearly linked each

                part of the paper to the thesis through

                key word or explanation.  The details

                are in a logical, easily followed order.               


Conclusion                                                     Strong             Average           Weak               ___/10

            ___Summary of main points – restatement of thesis

            ___Final conclusion, summary of what was learned.                        


Mechanics                                                      Strong             Average           Weak               ___/20

            ___Variety of sentence structure       

            ___Effective word choice

            ___Clear, smooth phrasing    

            ___Effective transitions                                 

            ___Paper is free of spelling errors                                          

            ___Correct punctuation/capitalization                                               


                                                                                                  Total ______ / 100                                                                                 


Total Grade           _______ / 200

Possible topics


The Nepalese government announced this week that 70 Nepalese migrants have died working on World Cup construction sites in Doha in the past two years.   Should international organizations like the UN spend time and resources pushing for regulations and rights for immigrant laborers (when many of those laborers are in countries illegally?


Many developing countries face a conflict between economic development and paying the cost to protect the environment. Which should they focus on more?


When other countries find themselves in trouble, the US often comes to the rescue.  Should the US continue to act as a global peacekeeper?  You may deal with this issue in general or pick a specific instance, such as the current situation in Syria.


Overpopulation is a very real concern in China.  A policy limiting families to one child is often unfairly enforced and has created controversy worldwide.  Should this policy continue to be enforced?


For decades, the United States has placed an embargo and trade and travel between the US and Cuba.  Should this embargo continue? 


Should it be the duty of the members of the United Nations to uphold chemical weapons treaties?


A number of times in history, the United States and provided weapons to groups in foreign countries in order to help them win a war, only to later find those weapons used against us later.  Should the US provide weapons to foreign conflicts?


Who has a stronger claim to Gaza, Israel or Palestine? 


Is genetic engineering ethical?  Does it do more harm or good?  Consider its use in either agriculture or human medicine. 



A helpful website with lots of ideas and quality news articles:


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