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Modern Literature - Multiple Intelligences  

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Multiple Intelligences (MI) Portfolio

Modern Literature

Ms. Fine/Mr. Beck/Mr. Bennett


Date Due:                   February 19, 2016


Presentation Dates:  February 22-March 4, 2016


Value:                         In-class work                           200 pts.

                                    Original Poem                         50 pts.

                                    Original Short Story                50 pts.

                                    Rough Draft/Research Paper  25 pts.

                                    Research Paper                        200 pts.

                                    Original Art Project                50 pts.

                                    Music Selection                       50 pts.

                                    Portfolio Presentation             50 pts.


                                    Total Value:                           675 pts.*


*This is an estimated value.  The points usually increase over the course of the quarter.




  1. Choose a piece of visual art (painting, sculpture, collage, etc.) which you genuinely like. 


  1. In a workshop format, we will focus on the portfolio for the next several weeks.  You may work on any of the written sections of the project during class, but you must always be working on the portfolio.  There will be daily checks to monitor your progress in the library and writing lab.  Each checkpoint will be worth 20 pts. You can just as easily lose points for not being on task as you can earn them for being on task. 


  1. Beginning on January 25th class time will be devoted to creative writing instruction and in-class writing.  Add 10 pts. per day for in-class writing. The rough draft of your research paper will be due at the end of class on Friday, February 5th.  It is also due to



  2. We will be working in the classroom, writing lab, and library (or some combination) every day until February 5th.  Beginning on February 16th, you will be given time in class to work on the required art project.


  1. On February 18th, we will hold a lottery to determine who will present their portfolios on which day.  All written work must be completed and turned in on February 19th. All written work must be submitted to at this time. You will be given your portfolio back the day before your presentation for final preparation.


  1. This project is essentially your third quarter grade.




    Original Poem           


    Your poem should reflect the mood of the piece of art you are working with for this project.  This, of course, means that you need to determine the mood of your artwork.    Your poem should be a minimum of 20 lines and may be written either in free verse or end rhyme.  Your poem will be evaluated based on how well you incorporate instruction from class in addition to grammar, mechanics, proofreading, etc.          


    Original Short Story


    The short story will incorporate the subject of your artwork.  Basically, you are making up a story about what you see in the piece.  You will be required to create setting, characterization, plot, conflict, etc. The story should be at least 3 pages, typed, double spaced. Again, you will be evaluated based on how well you incorporate instruction from class in addition to grammar, mechanics, proofreading, etc.


    Research Paper        


    The subject of your research paper will be biographical information for your artist as well as the medium (oils, pastels, plaster, etc.) and/or style (Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, etc.) which he or she used for the artwork you chose.  The research paper must be written stylistically according to Writer’s Inc.  Yes!  You have to do parenthetical citations and a works cited page.  The research paper should be 5 pages long not including the works cited page or title page.  You must use a minimum of 5 resources in your final draft.  All research must come from books, documentary videos, databases, and/or PRE-APPROVED websites.  This is a good time to use that new library card you received at the start of the year.


    Original Art Project


    Details regarding this project can wait until late February.  All you need to know right now is that your project will in some way reflect your artist, his/her medium, OR the artwork you studied.


Music Selection


You will choose a piece of music, which you feel reflects the tone of the artwork you are studying.  Again, this means that you must determine the tone and be able to defend/explain your decision.  You may choose any type of music, but it must be appropriate for school.


Portfolio Presentation


This is your moment to shine.  During your presentation, you will share your interpretation of your artwork, give background information on your artist, summarize your short story, read/explain your poem, display your art project, and play your music selection.  You will need some sort of replica of your artwork that everyone can see and that you will turn in with your portfolio (postcard, print, transparency, etc.) and a lyric sheet (if your music has lyrics).


You will turn in (in a neat little package/folder):


  1. a copy of your artwork

  2. your poem

  3. your research paper

  4. your short story

  5. a copy of your lyrics


    …and your art project.








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